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John Lewis
BDO Unibank
Don't opt for the Peso Savi...
The Peso Savings Account by BDO Unibank is not optimum. Although, as a commercial bank, I expected the bank to give me more Interest in my savings and checking account, but the bank only offers up to 0.25% as a fixed savings interest. Thus, I did not like the rates the bank is offering. If one wants to opt for a checking account, it can receive better rates, but not in the Peso savings account. For me, the experience has been below par.
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Luke Moses
United Overseas Bank
Poor behavior of my bank st...
I have been very dissatisfied recently with my bank’s operations. I am a customer of United Overseas Bank UOB here in Singapore. I have been dissatisfied lately because of the poor behavior of the bank staff. I have opened a checking account and have been using that for the last 3 years. Never have I ever encountered such a stupid mistake to be done by my bank! I had to transact my account as I had to pay one of my customers, and my cheque somehow bounced, and I waited three days for this issue to resolve, and kept calling the bank’s customer service but did not receive a firm response from them and they just kept delaying. I visited the branch and had to waste my time repeating what had happened, they said this had happened due to some maintenance issues and that my problem would resolved soon. But it did not. Ultimately, I had to speak with the managers before I could get my issue resolved. Would never use the services from this bank ever again!
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Julie Sanders
DBS Bank
Too much issue with my cred...
I have been using the services of the Development Bank of Singapore for four years now, and I am dissatisfied. The bank staff don’t pay attention to my queries. I applied for a credit card and with hopes that I would get travel perks. I applied for the credit card during July and my paperwork was carried out two weeks later, and the processing fee was also not moderate, as I had to give an amount of $300 for registering my name for availing this facility. After that was done, I had no response from the bank for two months and I was told that I would get my credit card within two weeks. When I lodged a complaint about this issue, I feel I was not given the appropriate response, but I was told to wait for some more time as this was taking longer than usual. Finally, I received my credit card in November this year. I don’t think it’s a good bank for me and I surely wouldn’t recommend it to many people.
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United Overseas Bank
The bank has very engaging ...
I am using the personal banking services of United Overseas Bank (UOB) for 6 years now in Jurong East, in Singapore. I am a user of ‘UOB Stash’ Account services, and I am glad that I have got such a beneficial service from my bank. Although the rate of interest is merely 1% per Anum, the occasional and festive benefits I receive from my bank on this account are really good. For a person like me who likes to save, this account is made for them. You get exciting rewards and bonuses provided you save accordingly. The bank staffs are also very good and cheery and are always ready to help. I have enjoyed my time with this bank and would encourage everyone to engage with this bank! Really good services!
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Bryan Chomsky
Really good service!...
I am using the ‘DayToDay banking’ service of OCBC Bank here in Jurong Point in Singapore. I am a user of this retail bank for 2 and a half years. Since I am a corporate worker, and many corporate offices avail this bank to their employees, I also opened up a deposit account with the bank. And the 360 Account is a very good and convenient service. I like the service as this account gives me a higher rate of interest on my savings, credit of my salary and surely guarantees that interest. The bank is offering me a respectable interest rate of 3.20% per Anum, with which I am very satisfied and happy. Overall, I am really happy with my bank’s services and would recommend this to everyone!
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Sean Smith
ING Bank N.V.
Unsatisfactory service...
I’ve been a customer of the ING bank located here in Sydney for around 4 years. If this were two years ago, I would have said that I am content with my bank’s services. But as of now, I cant. When I started my new savings deposit account with the bank, my registration and account processing was done very quickly and although the bank does not allow for hefty paperwork, which is one of the reasons why I decided to engage with this bank – with time, the bank’s services stooped down for the worse, it has not been a long time since I have started facing issues with my account, such as my bank’s online banking, that takes time in the payment gateway to be completed. Further, whenever I try to reach out to my bank, I have to put on hold for hours before I can speak with a bank executive. I am not satisfied with my bank and would not recommend much to anyone!
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Lara Dunham
Can improve. Not Satisfied ...
Post Finance is not at all a respectable bank for consumer banking. Its services are really below par. I have been a savings account holder for 1 year with this bank, and the bank does not seem to know how to give their customers what they need. The bank gives a mere 2.78% of the rate of returns on my savings account. The paperwork is extensive and I am not even sure that the bank has appropriate internet banking facilities available. My experience in the last year has not been up to the mark. I have struggled with going to the bank twice a week as there are fewer ATMs available and it becomes tiring for me to have easy communication with the bank. This bank has failed to deliver. Not recommended.
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Martin Chapel
Unicredit Bank
Best in Corporate Banking! ...
Unicredit bank is the best corporate bank I have come across so far! I am a customer of Unicredit bank which is located in Brunelleschi, 11, Firenze in Florence, Italy. I have been using its services for about half a year now (6 months) and it has been an amazing experience so far! The bank staff is really helpful and is ever ready to solve my queries. There is this one facility about my bank which I like is that the mobile banking app of my Bank is very customer comprehensive and engaging and has a constant chat support that is operated by real people and not machines which makes it the most efficient bank for all of its corporate customers, Including me. Besides, as I am an investor, the bank keeps me informed and updated about all of the on-going financial events and keeps me posted on any important event that I should not miss out on. Ever since I have started banking with Unicredit, my financial life has become very easier! Highly recommended for corporate banking!
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A disappointing experience...
I am dissatisfied with the customer service of my bank. I am a customer of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. No matter how large my bank may be, if I don’t get what I need, my financial activities are heavily affected. I am a savings account holder and also have taken home loan from the Home Loan department of the bank. For this, I pay regular monthly Instalments (EMIs) through Post-dated check systems. This time, when I submitted 12 months of advanced PDCs, somehow, the PDCs for the last 3 months were not approved. I raised this issue with the customer support; I was not given much of attention and after waiting for nearly 3 hours, I was told I had to submit the PDCs again otherwise an outstanding interest would be charged. This was an extremely disappointing experience.
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Isabella Noum
Banco Santander
Not satisfied with bank ser...
I am a customer of Banco Santander, in Boadilla del Monte, Spain for the last 8 months and I am a customer of their Savings account Services, and I have to say that I have not been quite impressed with the performance of their services. Although I am a customer of their Savings account services, I wanted to opt for opening a current account known as ‘Zero 1I2I3 Account.’ Although it’s a 100% digital unpaid checking account in Euros, and offers a lot of exciting benefits, but has two condition packages, of which I took the first one. In this I had to enroll my income domicile, the requirement of which has been set by my bank to an average of earning 600 euros a month, and I earn much higher, but even still somehow at the time of buying in the package, I was no able to access the package and when I raised this issue to the bank staff, quite obviously I wasn’t given any resolution. I can’t say I would recommend the bank for small-time individuals.
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Leon Alba
lack of communication...
Straight away, HSBC is not a good bank for me. I am a customer at the HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, Dusseldorf for the last 17 years. When I started with the bank, I still remember that I was given a quality welcome with interesting offers and the bank staff was efficient and informative. I took a home loan for 21 years from the bank at a rate of 8.35%. However, as time passed by, The bank did not remain the same I had experienced 17 years ago, the staff whom I knew, left and moreover, the rate of Interest slowly and gradually grew up to 9.15%. When I enquired about this, I was told that this had happened due to the change in some policies. I disliked the lack of communication from my bank. Ever since then, I have been meaning to change my bank, but am bound by the repayment of my loan. Don’t engage with HSBC banks in Germany.
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Adam Rench
Best Commercial Bank for ge...
Santander Group is so far the best Commercial bank I have ever seen! I have been banking with them for quite a while now, and it’s been a wonderful working relationship with my Financial Consultant I have been provided by the bank. And the good thing is, they don’t just do it for their elite customers, but for every investor who comes banking with them! I remember when I opened up an Investment account, I was made to sit formally and discuss among Investment services, my investment options and through that, my financial Consultant, led me to explore different interesting Investment planning tools and asked me important questions like what was my Investment strategy and financial goals for myself and accordingly informed me on al, the risks incurred on investing in different places or stocks. It has been 5 years since and I have become a potential Investor for some Top conglomerates and I still have the same Consultant who manages funds for me. So if you are a new investor, looking to make big risks to earn big, then I recommend Santander Group to be your partner in Growth!
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benjamin Lowe
DBS Bank
the best customer friendly ...
I have been using financial services from the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) for nearly half a decade. This is the first time I am reviewing my banking facilities although I had much to say about the quality of the services my bank has offered me in the last five years. I have to say, that the digital banking services offered by my bank are quite extraordinary and are very user-friendly as well! When I started as a new account holder with my bank, I knew almost nothing as to how to operate my mobile banking application. But my bank’s internet banking app is very interactive and I was guided through everything, systematically. Overall, my DBS bank experience has been good so far, as I have got loans based on my saving transactions. Once I had to liquidate all my funds from my savings account as I urgently need the cash, and I was worried that y bank would charge a penalty on a negligible balance, but later I got to know that I could operate my account on a zero balance as well. Finally moving on to online bank transfers, DBS Bank’s online banking system is relatively far better than any bank I have witnessed before and is very secure to make any fund transfers nationally or internationally. I would recommend DBS Bank to anyone!
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Gaurav Tyagi
IDFC First Bank
Using my PAN card for other...
I have my under my CIBIL report that a loan is linked with my PAN card from IDFC first bank. But I have never taken any loan from any bank. Even I don't have any relationship with IDFC bank. Then how they are using my PAN card to sanction a loan to any other person. Loan has already given in SEP... If I didn't check my CIBIL report then I think I could never be able to find this fraud by this bank. I don't know how their executives work....Our Banks have all our important documents, they can use wherever they can. Like this bank has used my PAN card. If a normal person don't know about CIBIL report or he never check CIBIL report, then how will he come to know about this type of frauds by banks. That means bank can do anything with our documents and we can't do anything.
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Lao Zu
Worst customer Service!...
Vietcombank is not up to the mark when it comes to servicing people through their customer service. The customer service staffs are very immature and don’t know how to handle big clients like Investors. I wanted to meet the head money manager after I encountered some issues in investing in an equity fund and had a meeting arranged with him. When I went inside the bank, I asked at the reception to meet the person whom I had a meeting with. The staff had no clue as to who the person was or where to direct me. Vietcombank needs to employ people who are well informed and can guide others, not people who don’t have an idea themselves about what is going on.
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Melissa Rogers
Clearstream Bank
The best Current Account Se...
I can proudly say that I am an esteemed customer of HSBC bank. Everyone in my house (eligible to hold a bank acc. In their name) has an account in HSBC Bank. I myself am a holder of two accounts – a personal savings account and a current account. The services offered by HSBC in the personal account are stupendous! They offer quality solutions to me every time I call them to enquire about a query. Not only are their solutions correct and effective, but they are also super-fast and I think creative as well. Besides this, I have also been using a platinum-rated credit card by HSBC ever since I opened my current account as I am a businessman, I get huge discounts and mega offers daily on my offline and also online internet banking transactions! The rate of return on investment is good. But the only
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Vrinda Seghal
Axis Bank
Best Internet banking Servi...
For someone who does not like using mobile technology to become dependent on it, I have been extremely engaged ever since my bank (Axis Bank) commenced my internet banking facility. Even though I am not a mature member of the bank as I become a customer only one year ago. But I have to say, At the start, I did not like my bank much as whenever I went to my bank for any deposit or withdrawal, the bank employees seemed too much occupied in their work and would literally have to call out 3 to 4 times to make them listen to my queries, but on the other hand, the solutions they provided were somewhat satisfactory. But then, according to my bank’s policies, I became eligible for internet/online bank 2 months later. And then everything changed. I got every facility from transferring funds directly from my bank account to the beneficiary’s bank account without having to worry about transferring funds on holidays. Now I don’t have to visit my bank very often and I am glad that I got such good internet banking services!
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The HDFC Bank
Loans from HDFC Bank...
I would like to tell about my experience related to taking loans from HDFC Bank. I have several times applied for loans from the bank and got approval within a week along with crediting loan amount directly in my bank account. It is completely hassles free process where I have got loan as and when ever needed. Also, the relationship manager provided by bank is aware and know how to provide service to customers.
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Miz Peace
CIMB Bank Berhad
Inefficiency and poor banki...
I went to CIMB ss15 branch to get my number updated and the information counter staff told me must do it at ATM machine and never bother to tell me that for credit card will need to fill in form and submit over the counter. Wasted my day off! while making a payment i noticed my credit card TAC been sent to my old mobile number, i called the help desk was advised to send email to Customer Resolution Unit with change of mobile number form. I sent my mail on 12 Sep, 12:50,till now no action
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State Bank of India
Refund for a Failed Transac...
I was adding money to PayTM with the TID:925937137847,Money didn't get added however the amount deducted from the account, I tried to call SBI representative they didn't listen, even I tried to lodge a complaint through CMS portal, They closed it without my consent. The worst service I have ever seen from SBI.
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Very good personal home loa...
I am very happy with the loan service of BDIV bank! I have taken a personal loan from the bank at a very low-interest rate, which is surprising as low as 5.3% p.a. And I am happy that at the time of my application for the loan at this bank, I did not face any troubles as the bank has an easy and convenient loan procedure and as long as I sat there for opening my account, I was getting advice from the bank staff as to how to proceed with each step. What I also liked about this bank that it gave me options for monthly and quarterly interest payment options against my property collateral. So I don’t have to worry about anything! Very good personal home loan services! Recommended!
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WORST BANK! Save yourself t...
Poor customer service. Their employee was very rude to me the last time I was at the bank trying to follow up on my card. Imagine having to wait in line for 3 HOURS just to be mistreated. I was so shocked that I did not even had the chance to respond. I just went ahead almost teary-eyed from that experience. Shoutout to BPI RIZAL AVENUE BRANCH. Not everyone was rude though, I am very understanding when it comes to employees since delays are usually not their fault. But you could at least have the decency to treat your clients with respect. When I tried to go online hoping their Customer support could help me with my problem, they were just indifferent when I told them that I might close my account since there were so many red flags already. And don't even get me started with the online application. It was a nightmare. I would really just close my account with them. such incompetence.
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Nidhi Sharma
I have applied for personal loan and I gave all the documents to verify. The loan executive asked me to submit local address proof and I submitted DL (which mentioned 10th cross). Now I am residing in the same area (6th cross). I tried to tell the field executive same thing, he is not ready to listen. Am using your bank past 5-7years. My salary was supposed to credit other bank but due to some reason I gave ICICI bank account to my company. This is the big mistake I did. Not at all expected this from your bank! Really disappointed!
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Kajal Mehta
The HDFC Bank
Worst customer services!...
The Chennai branch has the worst customer service. The people on duty come late and make you wait even if you are on time. When queried about the grievance approach to know about the credentials, the manager was clue less! He doesn’t know what and how to approach the grievance cell! Very bad services!! People working in the Chennai branch hardly know manners! Such a Shame! I never recommend this bank!!
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Asia United Bank Corporation
Never ever go for Asia Unit...
Getting loan is easy but it will be hard to get a loan with fake commitments from the representative. I enquired at Asia United Bank Corporation for home loan where their representative contacted me for the loan. During the loan process he was nice and sweet in talking but gave most of the false details regarding processing fees. He disbursed home loan amount at speculated time. The real pain starts post loan disbursement when he started depositing the processing fees cheques one by one which were of different & higher amount. Upon contacting him he did not took my call and never answered my messages on WhatsApp. Worst services!
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Mohit Bhatia
The HDFC Bank
Customer care services are ...
I have taken car loan from HDFC Bank. The sales manager of HDFC Bank harassed me a lot before disbursement of my loan. The bank employees not behave properly with me and talking in bad language. Please beware of them ...Think twice before taking loan from them.
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Ashish Singh
IndusInd Bank
(IndusInd Bank) Employees a...
I have submitted many applications to change my new address in IndusInd bank(Noida Sector 62), but they are still failed to do so, only because of lacking their work, ignorance, attitude (most of the girls) and cheering up with their relatives who comes in the banks and with their colleagues.
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Manoj yadav
Syndicate Bank
Good services and helpfull ...
Syndicate bank, uttam nagar is providing good services to it's customers. I am not sure about others but my personal is good and the employee of the branch are very helpfull and have good behaviours towards their customers.
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State Bank of India
Firstly when i had not any ...
Firstly when i had not any account at that time i thinks govt. Banks didn't give good facilities ..but this i time m totally wrong because i have experienced a well bahving staff of SBIBANK ...
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saurabh mishra
Kotak Mahindra Bank
rawatpur gaon kanpur...
They offered me signature card on the basis of my salary account. After one year they put annual charge. Do not reverse these fees and continue to add late payment fees. Salary account also they say 6 percent interest but it is on above 1 lack. They offer investment scheme with locking period and 10 percent interest. But the catch is that interest is simple interest instead of compound interest. Itâ
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